Welcome to My New Blog! (A Little Introduction)

Hey guys!

I’m Nelly, a 26 year-old beauty blogger, shopping lover, globetrotter, bookworm, and most of all… a big time foodie! Basically, I’m the archetype of the girly girl. But that doesn’t mean I’m uninteresting, unintelligent and superficial (which are unfortunately common stereotypes people seem to assign to you when you are somewhat girly…)

Anyway, I’m not here to tackle social issues regarding the place of femininity in our society, although I’m very interested in the subject. (Oops, I digress again! -_-‘)

I’m Portuguese, born in Portugal but raised in Belgium, which is the country I currently live in. I love travelling , and I love Learning new languages. I speak French, Portuguese, (both are my mother tongues), English, Mandarin, and Spanish.  Obviously, English isn’t my first language, so if you spot any spelling errors or grammatical mistakes, please bear with me. ^_^

In this blog you will mostly find beauty reviews and tips, DIY tutorials, food recipes, fashion topics, outfits of the day, and there will be some travelling as well !

Hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I do writing it!

See you soon!